We believe in having that one surreal moment in our lives.

A moment of an idealistic whimsical state.

A wisp of naivety and freedom.

A breath of optimistic belief.

Specializing in quirky, charming, contemporary styling for events and photo shoots, with a spoonful of handmade love, 

Cuckoo Cloud Concepts will create this moment for you.


About the Stylist

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Gizelle is a kindred spirit and a risk-taker. She is a perfectionist who ironically wants things to be beautifully askew. Her undying love for books, fascination with art & pop culture and obsession with music allows her to escape from reality and pool inspiration for her style. She believes in wearing what you feel and feeling what you wear. Get the full scoop on Gizelle’s love for all things fashion here.

She believes there’s more to life than a cubicle in an office. She went Cuckoo and left her corporate job to pursue her dreams.

Gizelle embodies quirkiness and considers it her mission to put smiles on your faces. ♥