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For Cuckoo Cloud Concepts to provide you a specific rate, please send us the following details:

CEREMONY STYLING  {Type in the text area what areas you’d like styled}:

  • Aisle
  • Gazebo or Wedding Arc – kindly indicate whether venue will be providing the gazebo
  • Red Carpet? OR Green Carpet?
  • Candle Stand

*Required. Type “n/a” if not applicable. 

Important note: We ask this because the quotation differs if we provide both flowers and decor or if you’d only like us to add decor to your event to tie the theme together. 

RECEPTION STYLING {Type in the text area what areas you’d like styled}:

  • Tablescapes
  • Couple’s backdrop
  • Wedding arc
  • Sweets or Treats Corner (this can be the same table as the cake)
  • Gift Table or Money / Wishing Tree
  • Registration Table
  • Reception Entrance with a display for the seat assignments
  • Signages
  • Memory Corner that display photos and memorabilia of the couple
  • Photobooth Backdrop
  • Photocorner with elaborate props and set design

*Required. Type “n/a” if not applicable. 

HANDMADE LOVE {Type in the text area the types of handmade items you’d like to us to make, what you’d like them to be made of, the quantity and for whom}:

  • Bouquets – made of flowers, fabric, paper, brooches, buttons, etc.
    • Bride
    • Mother/s
    • Maid of Honor/s
    • Bridesmaids/s
    • Flower Girls, etc
  • Boutonnieres
    • Groom
    • Father/s
    • Bestman
    • Groomsmen, etc
  • Headdresses
  • Etcetera – any handmade elements you would like to have in your event

*Required. Type “n/a” if not applicable. If applicable, it would be easier for us to send you a quotation if you indicate quantity / break down of your entourage. 


If you have a mood board or inspiration images, send these to us as well.

E-mail the details to inquiry@cuckoocloudconcepts.com and cc: cuckoocloudconcepts@gmail.com.

Kindly allow us 3 – 4 business days to get back to you with a quotation. If you haven’t received a quotation by then, you may follow-up with us by sending us another e-mail. Thank you for your interest in our styling services & for your patience.